Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Genius doesn’t go hand in hand with normalcy. (Thought for the day.)

“You are a mercurial person. Your steadiness factor is in the grey zone.” Says M. When M. says so, it must be so cause M is trained to analyze various personality types. In plain words, “You are plain psycho. And not in a cool way either”, says he.
I agree but what I want to rant about is not the verdict but the way out or the way forward after the verdict.

Yes, I am mad.
Yes I am psyched out.
Yes I am temperamental
Yes I am commitment phobic.

So, now what? Well, don’t such people have jobs? How do they survive in jobs? Every mad, mentally unstable person does not become a psychopath or a Beethoven. Many mercurial persons whose steadiness factor is in the grey zone survive and exist as clerks, bankers, salesmen, analysts, government officials…. How do they balance their mundanity and madness before giving it all up?


satyanshu singh said...

by following the norm and fitting into the convention...

Amrutaa said...

most genius is mercurial no? Screw M!

GuNs said...

I wondered whether the word Mercurial came from Freddy Mercury or Freddy Mercury so named himself on Mercury.


P.S.: I realised later that I already know its the latter. One of his friends once asked him why Mercury and he replied it was the his astrological planet to which his friend remarked "Thank God it wasn't Uranus".

Suman said...

Become a manager.. Mercurial people act mercurial.. so they make good managers ;) and they love it too..

Naina Sethi said...

I love your blog. It is so insighful ! I write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow me !

GuNs said...

and...where have you disappeared?

Amrutaa said...

They complain less :P