Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When He said He'll call ya....

Why do Women do this to themselves??
I suppose the fact that time is eternal, everlasting and infinite really hits you when you are waiting for that one elusive phone call. I am right now standing 500 feet below the point of “could things get any more degrading!” I have checked the coverage on my mobile, have been checking it every 30 seconds…. And I have ensured that there is NO possibility that the phone can just go off because of no/low battery. I even watched melodrama queens crying buckets in one of the K serials (It actually helps you know, as a distraction from the constant waiting. I mean you cannot but feel pity for the woman who is in love with one and marrying another).

Even while I am penning this down, I am staring at the sickeningly unrelenting phone willing it, cursing it to just ring.
Ring once.
Oh! Come on!
Should I call him?
Should I message him?
Of course not!. Don’t you have any dignity? Any self respect?

What could be the worse outcome of my calling him?

He might think, hell no, confirm that you are desperate and needy and have “I am single” pasted all over your face.
Yes..... but that’s really really close to the truth and it actually doesn’t help that He is tall (we are talking 6 foot plus some inches), good looking enough to drool over and (you are not going to believe this) unaware of it all.
So that’s that- I cannot. I will not. I should not call him.
Rot, you… rotten being. Rot!

But I really felt there was something in the way he was looking at me last dinner-
It was the lighting.
Something in the way he was holding my hand-
He had to. In those high heels coupled with a liberal dose of alcohol, it would indeed be impossible to walk straight without falling into the nearest slush filled crater created by an overdose of rains and poor quality roads.

Sigh! Don’t they all…..
Why, why, why do women do this?? Women irrespective of vital stats, color and clothing brands end up giving their number to that one good looking stranger they meet at the party, or the movie hall, or the mall, or the dentist (yeah believe me it has been known to happen). And more unforgivable is the fact that they wait for Him to call.

A) He doesn’t call. You plunge to the murky depths of despair and can only resurface with the help of a rare find of Jimmy Choos in a sale.
B) He does call. You go out. You have fun. He suddenly and overwhelmingly appears to be adorned in all the qualities you happen to want in your Mister Right. He of course wants to go “bang bang” but given the fact that you guys have just met like twice, puts it more subtly that
He wants to know you better.
He wants to enjoy your company.
He wants to get closer.
You contemplate, meditate, analyze and deduce…….. Its gonna take a long time to do that so that’s why the (……)
C) He calls. You go out. The evening with Him has left you feeling deliciously, stupidly giddy. Also, makes you think, "Have I been dating losers so far??". Come morning, noon and then twilight and you are again by the side of the phone…..What happens next?? When he doesn’t call, is the waiting, the expecting, and the agitation worth it? What is the probability of a “happy ending” in such situations? What is a “Happy Ending” for such situations? Why isn’t there a separate branch of statistics dealing with all this? One cannot undermine its importance. I mean, we are talking big time psychological assuaging over here. Think about it.


Suman said...

I am 6 feet tall.and can take you to restaurant with a bad lighting... and hold hands fiercly..

Hithesh said...
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Hithesh said...

Dear Kamana, I love reading your work, I feel you are extremely talented... I loved that book you wrote "Beautiful life in Bangalore" wish you could share some of those thoughts on your blog..

Kamana said...

shall surely do that....

Amrutaa said...

We have self-respect in the sense that ONLY the one person we choose gets to stamp all over us!

Kamana said...

well said sister, tht abt sums up everything this blog wanted to convey....

GuNs said...

:)Was this a real experience or just a fictitious rant? In any which case, why do tall men have such a bleeding advantage? After all, the average height of men across the world is 5'5" and that of women is 5'2". [:o] Therefore anyone over 6' tall is actually a freak of nature, a being to be abhorred, someone who should destined to live the life of a discard from society in the murkiest depths of self-pity and rage at the maker. Unfortunately they're all models now!

Kamana said...

in a world that celebrates abnormality and dementia can lesser mortals like us be anything but attracted to such social outcastes??