Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Erratica II.

  1. Suman,

    Thank You for setting me on this with that brilliant answer of yours.


    If somebody were to ask you this question, “So, Kya chal raha hai life mein?”
    In most cases your answer is akin to, “ Bas chal raha hai yaar. Tu bata.”

    Ans: Life me bahut kuch ho raha hai..
  • Returned from Poona, broke but stacked with clothes.
  • Recently bought clothes look good on me.
  • Conserving electricity by charging my mobile phone once in two days. (More out of forgetfulness than commitment to the cause but hey! Its all towards a cooler Dharti Ma!)
  • Potty kabhi theek nahi hoti. Aur ab toh yellow bhi nahi ho rahi.
  • Have been wanting to since a long time but finally did get around to buying myself a pair of high heeled slutty red peep toes.
  • Bought MAROON colored sandals and worry about the fact that they wont go with most of my stuff.
  • Shall wear the slutty ones even if they scream, “ What Were You Thinking???!”
  • Bought purple oshos.
  • Lost my best pair of boots. My first pair of boots.
  • No, this is not a blog on shoes.
  • Yes, Mine would be the biggest and most varied garage sale.
  • Lifestyle has some good stuff if you can live with the fact that hundreds of women around you are wearing the same stuff as you.
  • Appraisal money came in. Forced to believe in Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zaroorat hai.
  • Saving up for the Himachal Trip. Saving up for Bali as well. Actually just trying to save. Paise bachte hi nahi!
  • “Backup Guy for Marriage” # 4 has been finalized. We shook on it. (And unlike Phoebe, he didn’t want anything more!)
  • Backup Guy No 1 wants a promotion to “Will pro actively consider for marriage”. Gosh! I don’t think Im ready for that commitment yet!
  • Gonna learn Kick Boxing.
  • As usual was rude to the “Best Man in the planet” but secretly wish that this time he would not forgive me.
  • Getting used to living with perpetual guilt and incapability to feel.
  • THAT GUY proved to be the biggest jerk in the history of mankind, nay even before mankind was considered being conceived.
  • But still gotta acknowledge, “Great body!" "Great looks!” Not on talking terms with him.
  • Currently reading Amartya Sens, "Argumentative Indians."
  • Met Kay Kay Menon. In love with Kay Kay Menon. Not sure if that’s how his name is spelt.
  • Get unbelievable cravings for
    Dutch Chocolate
    The new Cornetto. Cream and Hot chocolate sauce and vanilla scoops on soft melting chocolate cake.
  • Cravings are more often than not satisfied.
  • Praying for my sister.
  • Have stopped eating rice.
  • Started running regularly. Not a pushover in the gym anymore!
  • Feel like a dance......holding hands..... silk and satin, moonlight and freshly hewn grass..... breeze and smell of wet earth.
  • The hills are beckoning. Craving for the skies, undulating never ending hills, solitude…..peace.
  • When will it rain?
  • Want to get clicked. Black and white photograph, saree, kohl, gajra, choodamani, bangles…….. No I have not lost it.
  • Have discovered that my calling lies in Travel and mixing drinks. I will be a DJ in motion. Modeejay!

    “Ab Aap Sunao? Life mein kya chal raha hai?”

ps: There is no Erratica I.


samraggi said...

Babes this was a literal representation of wat i have been witnessing for the past few months but ya it can be called a total WOW!!! u r f...n good with english wordz.... just dat mixing 2 wrdz n creating 1 .... need to be trained by me...... keep up da wrk!!!!1

hitchwriter said...

Potty kabhi theek nahi hoti. Aur ab toh yellow bhi nahi ho rahi.

that is the most gross... geee... spare me...

are you free tooo ?? like me ??? lol...

Amrutaa said...

my sister is bored.

Suman said...

u gave a tribute to me ;)
well well.. thanks.. i am flabbergasted.. ( i know u are not famous (yet)..but still it feels nice..)

but as usual..a last minute comment..

try mixing some current event scenarios with this one.. it heightens / shows your knowledge..and people are left thinking..

and with things they can relate to..

also people like knowing about u ONLY but if they get glimpses of you related with current affairs / tv going ons etc etc.. its more fun..

space the shoes list.. after every two other list items... it makes it more fun...


and I practice pro profile photography as a hobby...if you ever wish to ;)

Suman said...

and Amruta ..does your sister pray for you..when she is free ;)

Amrutaa said...

Sigh! ..That would be a No, Suman.

Badz said...

Hahahahahahaha! Love this post.

Suman said...

:) Just curious Amruta if your sister were to pray for you , what would you like her to pray for..

guard on the women's health said...

halo friends

Amrutaa said...

TO pray that my answer to the same question is much less erratic.

Suman said...

*wonder what your(Amruta) answer to such a question would be ?*

Serendipity said...

I like the 'want to get clicked' point.
And, maroon can go with lotsa stuff. Just strut around with loadsa attitude! :)

and u asked about the gym on my blog, Its the powerhouse gym at Lower Parel...

roflindian said...

I guess the time has come to ruffle our tranquil feathers yet again with a new and rippling post :-D

eye-in-sty-in said...

funnny post this one!