Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yes, the Elections are over.

Yes, the Elections are over.
No I did not vote.
With all the hullabaloo i create out of my...... verbiage( forgive me but what else do u call a whole a lot of words put together making no sense)... I never manage to actuate any change in life. Shucks. The "Empty vessels make more noise" adage fits the bill.

I cannot for the life of me understand as to what's all the fuss about Freida Pinto. Latest Hollywood heart throb?! Sexiest woman alive?! One of the Hundred most beautiful women today!What ya?
Sheesh! Never thought that "Girl next door" looks would actually be put on a pedestal and worshipped. She is ORDINARY looking. Just ordinary. Not above it or below it. (Cause both the former and the latter are capable of catching the limelight and attracting success and the babe in question has niether.)
I dunno. Me thinks its clearly a case of a nobody being at the right place at the right time now riding high on mass mania that has not found another subject for its attentions.
And whats with the orgasmic high the Media is receiving quoting her non fun, non interesting, non effervescent happenings?
Freida Pinto buying jewellery, lip locked in Isreal, signing up up more Angrezi productions.....Whats next?
When does she brush her teeth? When does she potty? If at all she can take time out of her busy schedule to do that? ISABGOL JINDABAD?

Just attended a presentation by two men in red ties, black suits, white shirts, black pants and shiny black shoes...... Whole lot of gas no concrete solutions, tea and biscuits later found the zeal to hmmmm and mmmhmmm with the others, though must admit that they knew a lot better about what they were hmmming and mmmhmmmming about.
Anyways what else cn you expect from a ___ grader!. Yeah appraisals ova, not exhilarated!

An engagement was broken, a marraige happened, She died and He is going to, slutted around with past and Dharamsala beckons.... what else is new??

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samraggi said...

FULL ON!!!! may be u can call her Chu...r Pinto i.e. CHINTO!!!