Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Risk Management

I was talking to H. We were discussing the sad dismal state of affairs at this recessionary time.
H.: Soni, dekh toh hamari company se 15 logon ko nikaal diya hai. Apna Jignesh... uska bhi contract nahi milega. He was also sacked.

Me: Its is sad. We keep assuring ourselves that recession isnt being felt in India. But i guess thats really a sham.....

H.: Mere liye naukri dhoond toh. Tere bank mein koi vacancy nahi hai kya?

Me: Kya vacancy? Kya karega tu mere bank mein? Tujhe kya pata hai?

H.: I am sure you can refer me to your department heads.

Me: But Rana Pratap, I am in Risk Management which is a very specialised field. Tu kya jaanta hai Risk Management ke baare mein???

Two second pause....
H.: Soni, main Condom use karta hoon.....


hitch writer said...


Serendipity said...

half the men we know wouldve come up with the SAME answer.

roflindian said...

Agree with Serendipity's reply.
The other half (Those who do not believe in risk management) would have to deal with Crisis Management. Lol.

Let me invite you to my blog 'Rofl Indian', particularly to the post titled 'Pinching Pennies in Recession'.

Rofl Indian

GaUtHaM KriSHnaN said...

hehe!! very impromptu indeed!

Hithesh said...

H must be a very a smart guy!!! good sense of humour he has... i must say

Amrutaa said...

u said it hithesh! :)